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The Farm is a networking group for web designers, developers and people with related digital skills who live in Brighton and the surrounding areas. We meet weekly in different venues around Brighton and Hove. If you’re looking for a web freelancer, please check our skills and profiles to help find someone who can do what you need, or come along to one of our meetings for a chat. Generally someone in the Farm can help you do what you want, and even if we can’t, we’re bound to know someone who can.

Next meeting: Physical meetups are on haitus due to Covid-19.
Back as soon as we can be.

How to join the Farm freelancers group

You join by coming to the meetings in the pub. Regular attendees are also invited to join our private mailing list. We're a friendly bunch, everyone is welcome to come along to our meetings to talk about new media and technology, refer work and generate new business.

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