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  • Translation
  • User Experience (UX) / Usability
  • Web design
  • C++
  • CSS / HTML
  • Database optimisation
  • HTML
  • Java / JSP
  • Javascript / jQuery / AJAX
  • Node.js
  • PHP & MySQL
  • SASS
  • WordPress
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Strategy and planning
  • Digital marketing training
  • Google analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) / Digital marketing
  • Hosting
  • Training


It started with an interest in 2010 whilst living in Germany. That interest, led to training with front-end design, HTML, CSS and JavaScript at night school with Kevin Halsall (also of the Farm) for a period of two years followed by back-end development, Java and PHP at post graduate level at the University of Sussex.

I work for individual clients as well as medium or large organization’s. I also teach small groups of long-term unemployed HTML/CSS and JavaScript. However with ever changing code developments I returned to university to read UX (user experience) and even more JS.

Clients say that my work is expert. I specialize in getting a business seen. For example, the correct behind the scenes code. The correct colour scheme and SEO (search engine optimization). I am trained in Argil , therefore keeping all in the loop!

Front-end design:

I re-design pre-built frameworks such as WordPress, Bootstrap and Foundation. I also use ‘raw code’ and design on request, websites from HTML5 and CSS3 and JavaScript for interactivity. Ecommerce websites are a specialty allowing your business to buy and sell on-line.

Back-end design:

I have developed simple game frameworks using Java and also an interactive probability game use PHP. I am expert in JS.


I have designed a tool to allow a website to function on all devices. At this stage of development, some responsive pre-built packages do not allow truly responsiveness.

SEO and marketing:

Without good and proper SEO and marketing your website will sit amongst the 1000’s of unseen websites. I will apply appropriate SEO and when necessary, advise other appropriate SEO organization’s.


I have taught in Germany front-end design. I teach long-term unemployed how to make a website from scratch with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


If I do not know ‘how to’ then I will refer you to someone that does! …


Yes, from the UK and competitive.

Some recent examples of my work:

Glyndebourne Opera actor – This is a front-end website designed with raw code. It is responsive with additional JavaScript and PHP. The website was designed with SEO in mind and receives an incredible amount of visits each day.

Fish and Chips – Remit to be number one in an Internet search in the local area – Made with raw code and number one in all Internet searches.

National Bee Charity – This is front-end design in ‘raw code’. It is again responsive with additional JavaScript and PHP.

What else!

I believe strongly that to develop good skills that we need to share ideas combined with fitness. An unusual combination – you might say – I enjoy keeping myself in trim by walking and cycling. I also enjoy discussing ideas, concepts and new opportunities.

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