Alistair Macdonald

Fully booked



  • API development
  • CSS / HTML
  • Javascript / jQuery / AJAX
  • Node.js
  • SASS


I have been a freelance developer since July 2000 and coming along to the Brighton Farm since 2004.

Concentrating more on front end engineering these days and mixing contracting and freelancing together which means availability is quite low at the moment, I will update should I become more available.

My current work involves mainly JavaScript, ES6, NodeJS, Express, ReactJS, Meteor and I’ve worked a lot with Backbone, Angular, jQuery and the usual tools like browserify, require, mocha, jasmine, sinon, Gulp and Grunt. I’m a strong believer in test driven development and enjoy devOps as a means to testing and deployment activities, for this I like Docker, Vagrant, Ansible and MS Azure.

I have worked with Java front ends too like Spring MVC, Scala Play Framework, Magnolia CMS.

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