Carl Wright

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  • Development
  • CSS / HTML
  • HTML
  • Javascript / jQuery / AJAX
  • Laravel
  • PHP & MySQL
  • SASS


I have worked in software engineering since 1997 and I have developed PHP applications since 2008.

Until recently, my work had been split between safety critical avionics software development, contracting within the Aerospace industry (using UML based design tools, usually coding with MISRA C or ADA) and freelance web development work (using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript).

Over the last year, I have now moved into full-time freelance web development using Laravel 5 (PHP framework) and Vue.js (User Interface framework).

Software engineering background:

I have experience working in teams developing software systems for airworthiness to satisfy objectives as per DO-178B guidelines. I have also worked remotely for various projects .

I have been involved in nearly all phases of the software development lifecycle including requirements engineering, software design, coding and unit/module testing and system level testing.  This work includes the standard integral verification/review processes applied throughout development


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