Meeting notes for 24th April 2024

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On the 24th April, nine freelancers gathered in the Battle of Trafalgar to chat freelancing, tech, and a bunch of old nonsense.

Here are the topics I noted down:

  • Trying to get funding for Open Source work
  • Managing to market yourself
  • Open Source AI projects
  • Gadgets a go go: new phone! New step counter!
  • Bad sleep
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • I call my veggie Carbonara “Luigi’s despair”
  • Getting into creating with Unity
  • Trip planning
  • Caroline Lucas is great
  • CodeIgniter framework
  • Google Consent Mode v2 deadline approaching
  • Dealing with people who can’t let things go
  • What counts as “ultra processed” food
  • Swing dancing

Sorry, no time for highlights this week, just a big THANK YOU to everyone who came along. It was a small but very fun evening.