Pacing yourself, Bluesky and virtual machines – freelancers meet up 15th Nov

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On Wednesday 15th November, 2023, we had our freelancers meet in the Battle of Trafalgar pub in Brighton. 13 people came along.

As usual, conversation hopped around quite a lot, here are the topics I noted down:

  • DDEV for building local development environments
  • Lagoon and Docker
  • Bluesky experiences
  • Eternal September
  • What has backend development got so complicated?
  • LinkedIn makes me sick
  • Handling money (and why aren’t we better at it?)
  • Farm Christmas meal
  • Pacing yourself with your work
  • Dealing with companies after a death in the family
  • Framer website builder looks impressive and worrying
  • LLMs and worries about the future
  • The making of and uses of chicken stock
  • Managing your money
  • Being caught out by brand history you’ve never heard
  • “They were only following purchase orders”
  • Taking care of your body when doing physical activity