DB migrations, AI use in call centres and personal projects – freelancers meet 8th November

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On 8th November 2023 our freelancers meet up was in the Battle of Trafalgar pub. Eleven of us came along.

Our chat jumped around a lot, here’s the topics I managed to note down:

  • Database migrations and ORMs
  • Arundel / Worthing / living outside Brighton
  • AI and call centres and realtime voice changers
  • Coworking and a shared space concept
  • Lead generation as a business
  • Not having seen Friends
  • Farm Christmas Meal
  • VR
  • Personal projects
  • Too many things all happening at once
  • SKU = Shop Keeper Unit
  • The various London to Brighton runs
  • The new Studio Ghibli film
  • Drupal talk coming up
  • First class buses
  • Levels of work are low
  • Countdown to being in full time work
  • The rifle range under Brighton Station
  • IndieWeb meet up


Very brief ones this week…

Call centres and voice changers

Conversation got onto call centres as we were joined by lead generation expert Dan for the first time. Craig wondered if there was an AI tool to change the voice of call centre workers to make them more acceptable to the people they are calling, or how hard it would be to build and run such a thing. It turns out there’s plenty of tools (AI and otherwise) helping call centre workers and it’ll be interesting to see advances on what’s possible with the rise of LLM technologies.

(Unofficial) IndieWeb meet up

Thanks to Mark Everitt for running the IndieWeb meet up that happened before our meet up. It was fun, although we didn’t get to the coding we were going to do. There’s a huge overlap between the IndieWeb and interests of people in the Farm and it’s great to see the IndieWeb meet up getting going again, even if Mark insisted it was an unofficial event.