High randomness – freelancers meet on 18th October

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The top half of the book Brilliant Networking, which has a bright orange and silver colour, with orange and white writing on it

On the 18th October 2023, the Farm meet up was in the Battle of Trafalgar pub in Brighton. Ten people attended, which was good given the terrible weather.

Our conversations bounced around a lot of random topics, these are the ones I noted down:

  • WordPress and React
  • Keeping clients who are good to you
  • When you lose your cofounder
  • Going fulltime after being a freelancer
  • Harvard and the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • The Rest is Politics podcast potted history of Israel-Palestine
  • Going down a YouTube hole (and stopping yourself)
  • Solidity scripting for the Etherium network and creating your own coin
  • Spotting emotion from faces
  • Chasing unpaid money
  • Cave diving
  • Overly complicated science fiction books
  • Tenet and complicated films
  • The climate crisis and insurance in Florida
  • Hacking stories
  • Sour Korean drinks