Running web agencies, renting and design systems

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A picture of the top of the book Brilliant Freelancer by Leif Kendall, which is just the words in big, bold type

On 25th October 2023 we held our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar pub, 13 people came along.

Some of our topics of conversation:

  • The importance of design systems
  • Making websites for comedians
  • Building up a product then selling
  • Right wing comedians
  • The rise and rise of Tiktok
  • When language changes break your code
  • Brighton Py is back and Sam is talking next week
  • AI tools
  • Running web agencies is very hard
  • Having staff working for you
  • New England House
  • Farm events
  • Tesla Y suspension
  • EV tax breaks
  • Renting and the difficulties of getting your landlord to fix problems
  • Mould in Brighton properties
  • Bad backs and other health problems
  • Do you prefer to learn from video or books?

I don’t have time to write proper highlights this week, but a summary is: web agencies are a lot harder to run than you may think once you’ve cracked being a freelancer within the web industry, and more than a few people we know have burnt out doing it. If you build up to agency size, make sure you take good care of yourself.