Meeting notes for 3rd April 2024

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On Wednesday 3rd April, nine freelancers got together in the Battle of Trafalgar to talk all things self employment, tech and… cooking kept coming up a lot too.

It was great to see Mike for the first time in ages. Here’s some of what we all talked about:

  • “Quit” by Annie Duke is very good
  • When to walk away from your project
  • Putting your company into liquidation takes longer than you think
  • Insulating your home
  • Load shifting your energy use to get the best rates
  • Making gnocchi (“pasta grannies in your area”)
  • Organisational psychology
  • Storing cooked rice safely
  • Businesswear for bouldering
  • Firebug podcast
  • Getting better at client interviews
  • Web sockets and when to use them / is old
  • Live(ish) updates to pages that don’t need web sockets
  • Making a game
  • Insomnia