Meeting notes for 10th January

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On 10th January 2024 we held our freelancers meet up in the Battle of Trafalgar, 12 people attended.

My notes, although I missed a lot as a lot of conversations were going on:

  • Overrunning projects
  • Suddenly booked in with lots of new work (woo!)
  • Klarna payments development
  • Working out a mix of booked days and flexibility
  • Moving from day rate to hourly rate to achieve more flexibility
  • Brighton Philosophy Group meet ups
  • Sociology and Marxism
  • Anarchist Communism
  • The organisation of small groups
  • Andy’s Drupal talk at PHP Sussex
  • Looking for iOS work
  • Vision Pro training
  • Duolingo
  • Needing more space in Brighton
  • “I always say thank you to Chat GPT” and the robo-apocalypse
  • Giant Steps and music theory