Meeting notes for 7th February 2024

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On 7th February, 11 freelancers met in the Battle of Trafalgar pub to talk tech and all things freelancing.

This is some of what we talked about:

  • Retrocomputing
  • Living in rural South Africa
  • Living with the wildlife in rural South Africa
  • Online communities which florish on hate
  • Brighton AI meet up
  • Endless projects
  • Politics and manipulation
  • People who struggle to see other’s points of view
  • Reverse engineering the 6502 chip
  • Japan moon lander and bots
  • Fediverse Foursquare by Terrence Eden
  • CBT and too many TLAs
  • Clearning out is great
  • Who is doing all the web scraping?
  • Bob Mortimer’s biography is great
  • Stop-start clients

(And lots of stuff I forgot to note down as I was too busy chatting.)

An extra hello goes out to Sevan, who’d come down from London for our meet, and Anthony, who’d come over from South Africa for visa reasons, which will hopefully soon be a thing of the past for him (although I’ll miss him popping in semi-regularly.)