Freelancers meet 27th Sept: Lack of leads and random nonsense

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On Wednesday 27th September 2023, the Farm freelancers meet up was in the Battle of Trafalgar pub in Brighton, 12 people attended.

Topics of conversation:

  • The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  • Pens with torches in them
  • What has stopped you investing when you’ve done well?
  • Getting your head around finances
  • Brighton property
  • Do you still have pandemic food left?
  • Temporarily embarrassed freelancers
  • New Unity runtime fees
  • How to make it in the games industry
  • Swift vs React Native
  • Contracting is quiet
  • The various games developer meet ups in Brighton
  • The good and the bad of being in a fee paying school
  • Client work levels since Covid started
  • Changing what you do
  • Being happy with what you do for work
  • Mastodon is quite friendly for social media
  • Shaun the Sheep trail for Martletts
  • Brighton rock

Brilliant Networking book by Steve D'Souza which has a very bright orange and silver cover