Notes from 7th June 2023

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We had our meeting in the Battle of Trafalgar pub. Seventeen people attended. Haze kindly hosted as Paul couldn’t make it. These are his notes on what was talked about:

  • Starting work on an undocumented codebase
  • Spending days trying to get one thing to work
  • Supporting elderly parents
  • Apple’s insanely expensive VR headset!
  • Which laptop should I buy?
  • Going freelance
  • Writing project specifications to quote correctly
  • Asking for deposits from new clients
  • Covid damages synapses
  • Having a £100,000 student loan?!
  • Life in Hong Kong
  • Searching for work on LinkedIn
  • Work rates. How much to charge?
  • Working in Europe. We’re not European any more
  • Handling tax with a limited company
  • Should I be VAT registered?
  • Do you have air conditioning?
  • Mugged by a seagull
  • Kangaroo boxing